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DJ Tips, Tricks & Advice Office job

Online Planning Vs Paperwork

Working as a DJ means that you have to plan and organise the events that you would be hosting. This necessitates having forms,… more »

Reviews Pioneer CDJ 350

Equipment Review: Pioneer CDJ 350

As a DJ you may prefer individual decks to go along with your mixer to create the quality performances for your audiences. But… more »

DJ Equipment Portable Appliance Tested Plugs

Benefits of PAT Testing For Mobile DJ Equipment

Portable appliance testing, also known as simply PAT or PAT Testing, is a type of inspection process used in the United Kingdom, Australia… more »

Reviews DJ Event Planner

Review: DJ Event Planner (Online Event Planning)

As a mobile DJ, keeping track of your business means having to spend long hours with paper work. Even if you have different… more »

DJ Business Decision

DJ Business: Owning Your Own Business Vs. Working For An Agency

Most of those of you are just breaking into the mobile DJ business either at the beginning of your career or when relocating… more »

Reviews Kam KWM11 Microphones

Equipment Review: Kam KWM11 Wireless Microphones

One of the important pieces of equipment that a DJ needs is good microphones. Really good quality microphones are expensive and not every… more »